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Saxon Kona

Co-founder of Brothers Media

Home town ~ Yeppoon, QLD

Favourite Footy Team ~ Sydney Roosters

Hobbies ~ Travelling, boxing, off-roading

Saxon is a pre-medical student at Bond University, working towards his dream of one day becoming a doctor. Leaving his home town of Yeppoon in late 2021 after graduating from high school near to the top of his class, Saxon now resides on the Gold Coast chasing his goals and entertaining his new found ambition for entrepreneurship.

During his time in high school, Saxon's engaged with two small-start-up companies, acquiring invaluable marketing skills that set him apart. This unique experience not only honed his eye for detail but also kindled a deep-seated passion for executive success and a genuine desire to empower others to achieve their best through effective marketing strategies.

Ioane (Junior) Seiuli

Co-founder of Brothers Media

Home town ~ Gold Coast, QLD

Favourite Footy Team ~ Dolphins

Hobbies ~ Gaming, semi-professional rugby league

Ioane's days are often filled with hitting the gym and playing semi-professional rugby league, two activities that fuel his competitive spirit and dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Beyond that, he is a qualified personal trainer and has five years experience in the construction industry, drawing on his expertise to help others achieve their fitness goals and honing his skills in building and creating.

Ioane spent 3 years in the NRL, a testament to his commitment to rugby league. Though he's no longer in the league, his aspirations to make a comeback are as strong as ever, driven by my unwavering passion for the sport. Entrepreneurship runs through his veins, and he thrives on exploring innovative ideas and seeking new opportunities, helping others improve themselves and become better versions of who they are.

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